14 October 2012

 there came a taptaptapping
upon spirt - upon soul
-a grand journey of
passionate nomadic embraces - of
what it means to be alive in
another beings ordinary way of existance
-the kind which kindles embers of hearts desire-
to sense the glow of each moments infancy
&know - &surrender to the light of
 each coming experience
-as one -
one to exist only for the present- then as a ripple ; eternity blessed 
. gentle touches  - a tangle of fingers - meals shared ,laughter&tears .
beds left unmade.., sheets tangled&twisted
a love poem upon - a foreign tongue , upon - a foreign land , upon - a foreign thought
which is foreign only in moments past - now it is called
- now it is called
now it is, a place
of fragments muddled &
occurances rearranged, as to make sense of outcomes to be- 
,now it is  no longer -
now it is, a sweet & tender reminder of how all is possible
     - no -
            - no -
an intuitive and compassionate making of love
explorations ' expressions
beyond language&thought
sun kissed nose - rose flushed cheeks -
now there is a knockknockknocking upon
desire to roam still-- though near , an urgency to grow , a family of
giving trees & bearing seeds
to fill these tender times with
embraces of another
in the warmth of a house which becomes a home

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