08 December 2012

loka samasta sukhino bhavantu
loka samasta sukhino bhavantu
loka samasta sukhino bhavantu
aum shanti shanti shanti

in a constant state of transformation

04 December 2012

a place called home

03 December 2012

winter in the tropics

30 November 2012

bounty&the ability to allow a total surrender to the source

29 November 2012

 departure - arrival - transformation
may the distance between
,one day&some night-
be of little thought
ambitions of present abundance

these moments have existed

24 November 2012


&in a field of wild flowers beneath an elder tree nestled in the mountains, you shall find me
in laughter&tiny song for those whom loved dearly&gave freely
for those whom have left of themselves pieces that enable hearts to swell with passion&rememberance
of what it is to be alive&make a difference upon this land

14 October 2012

it is a trying time of saddness&transition
of old world | meeting | new age
it is a growing time of embracing transition
*   *   *
.home, a place empty of parties&holidays
for nowadays, each moment is holy and celebrated
the future is built upon these brittle days
of statistics & acceptance of -- another way
another way
another day
there are countless ways -
dreams & ambitions & explorations & compassion
knowledge & searching & accepting & being &.....
--solid building material to bring one thru
a holding space of healing energetics
a reflective pool of sweet surrender
*   *   *
mama earths warm salty waters remove salt from cheeks
bringing peace ; allowing flow
thinking - feeling - knowing
this is the way it is to be
the great mystery - - - known
a melody sung
innocent spirit soul, fly alongside angels&faeries
for you are one in spirit - one in soul
you are pure life - pure love
delicate eternal ray
eternal flame
 there came a taptaptapping
upon spirt - upon soul
-a grand journey of
passionate nomadic embraces - of
what it means to be alive in
another beings ordinary way of existance
-the kind which kindles embers of hearts desire-
to sense the glow of each moments infancy
&know - &surrender to the light of
 each coming experience
-as one -
one to exist only for the present- then as a ripple ; eternity blessed 
. gentle touches  - a tangle of fingers - meals shared ,laughter&tears .
beds left unmade.., sheets tangled&twisted
a love poem upon - a foreign tongue , upon - a foreign land , upon - a foreign thought
which is foreign only in moments past - now it is called
- now it is called
now it is, a place
of fragments muddled &
occurances rearranged, as to make sense of outcomes to be- 
,now it is  no longer -
now it is, a sweet & tender reminder of how all is possible
     - no -
            - no -
an intuitive and compassionate making of love
explorations ' expressions
beyond language&thought
sun kissed nose - rose flushed cheeks -
now there is a knockknockknocking upon
desire to roam still-- though near , an urgency to grow , a family of
giving trees & bearing seeds
to fill these tender times with
embraces of another
in the warmth of a house which becomes a home
as if dreaming
of walking,between worlds
bare skin : crisp breeze
twigs snapping - spiders weaving
breathing in moisture of morning dew
exhaling out rustled up visons
within leaves & needles
absorbed&captivated; forest sound
,wilderness life -
merging light&light
 transparent moments - evidance of
all that is known
,yet still untold

09 October 2012

awaken, unfurl : graced
  glory of a new dawn
an insatiable desire to be
,a mighty one legged elder tree
;watching over - dusk -->dawn
eternal wisdom - strength
deep rooted knowledge of unspoken eternity

: embrace - discover - explore :

flow , bend , sing a melody as
father time brings mother earth
,breath of life   -   dancing in new life
        transforming - transcending
            spirit guiding the way

awaken! for this journey is ours      
                                                   - - - surrender

08 October 2012


so tell me, what is it that
 your heartstrings

only love exists now

breathe in LOVE : breathe out LOVE
only LOVE exists
may these days & ways guide the journey onward & upward - inward & outward
the magic has returned, my friend -- join me, for i have a grand story to share --
,in whispers and gentle tugs on the spirit : with playful smiles & heart felt laughter
join me , in love