08 August 2013

small sentiments of big emotions

07 August 2013

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tender moments captured & relived

08 December 2012

loka samasta sukhino bhavantu
loka samasta sukhino bhavantu
loka samasta sukhino bhavantu
aum shanti shanti shanti

in a constant state of transformation

04 December 2012

a place called home

03 December 2012

winter in the tropics

30 November 2012

bounty&the ability to allow a total surrender to the source

29 November 2012

 departure - arrival - transformation
may the distance between
,one day&some night-
be of little thought
ambitions of present abundance

these moments have existed

24 November 2012


&in a field of wild flowers beneath an elder tree nestled in the mountains, you shall find me
in laughter&tiny song for those whom loved dearly&gave freely
for those whom have left of themselves pieces that enable hearts to swell with passion&rememberance
of what it is to be alive&make a difference upon this land

14 October 2012

it is a trying time of saddness&transition
of old world | meeting | new age
it is a growing time of embracing transition
*   *   *
.home, a place empty of parties&holidays
for nowadays, each moment is holy and celebrated
the future is built upon these brittle days
of statistics & acceptance of -- another way
another way
another day
there are countless ways -
dreams & ambitions & explorations & compassion
knowledge & searching & accepting & being &.....
--solid building material to bring one thru
a holding space of healing energetics
a reflective pool of sweet surrender
*   *   *
mama earths warm salty waters remove salt from cheeks
bringing peace ; allowing flow
thinking - feeling - knowing
this is the way it is to be
the great mystery - - - known
a melody sung
innocent spirit soul, fly alongside angels&faeries
for you are one in spirit - one in soul
you are pure life - pure love
delicate eternal ray
eternal flame
 there came a taptaptapping
upon spirt - upon soul
-a grand journey of
passionate nomadic embraces - of
what it means to be alive in
another beings ordinary way of existance
-the kind which kindles embers of hearts desire-
to sense the glow of each moments infancy
&know - &surrender to the light of
 each coming experience
-as one -
one to exist only for the present- then as a ripple ; eternity blessed 
. gentle touches  - a tangle of fingers - meals shared ,laughter&tears .
beds left unmade.., sheets tangled&twisted
a love poem upon - a foreign tongue , upon - a foreign land , upon - a foreign thought
which is foreign only in moments past - now it is called
- now it is called
now it is, a place
of fragments muddled &
occurances rearranged, as to make sense of outcomes to be- 
,now it is  no longer -
now it is, a sweet & tender reminder of how all is possible
     - no -
            - no -
an intuitive and compassionate making of love
explorations ' expressions
beyond language&thought
sun kissed nose - rose flushed cheeks -
now there is a knockknockknocking upon
desire to roam still-- though near , an urgency to grow , a family of
giving trees & bearing seeds
to fill these tender times with
embraces of another
in the warmth of a house which becomes a home
as if dreaming
of walking,between worlds
bare skin : crisp breeze
twigs snapping - spiders weaving
breathing in moisture of morning dew
exhaling out rustled up visons
within leaves & needles
absorbed&captivated; forest sound
,wilderness life -
merging light&light
 transparent moments - evidance of
all that is known
,yet still untold

09 October 2012

awaken, unfurl : graced
  glory of a new dawn
an insatiable desire to be
,a mighty one legged elder tree
;watching over - dusk -->dawn
eternal wisdom - strength
deep rooted knowledge of unspoken eternity

: embrace - discover - explore :

flow , bend , sing a melody as
father time brings mother earth
,breath of life   -   dancing in new life
        transforming - transcending
            spirit guiding the way

awaken! for this journey is ours      
                                                   - - - surrender

08 October 2012


so tell me, what is it that
 your heartstrings

only love exists now

breathe in LOVE : breathe out LOVE
only LOVE exists
may these days & ways guide the journey onward & upward - inward & outward
the magic has returned, my friend -- join me, for i have a grand story to share --
,in whispers and gentle tugs on the spirit : with playful smiles & heart felt laughter
join me , in love

05 October 2009

Muscles Of The Face

finished & framed - ready for the show at Tates

25 September 2009

Crafts & Bugs

Jah Works
one of the last park / pond days for a while
  beautiful little green creature - wings made of glitter - magical little being

23 September 2009

Another Day Of Park Crochet
A ((large)) project, in the works

Made With A Tiny Crochet Hook

Recent Crafting
Recent Crafting
My crafting adventures, as of yesterday--a beautiful day at the park, at the pond

Forgive & Forget

Forgive & Forget
With The Heart Of A Lion
,With The Heart Of A Lion

21 September 2009

Only time changes

Only time changes
a house into a home

And even then
,not even time can do these things.

from here we shall count our years based on the trees&animals

from here we shall count our years based on the trees&animals
how tall
i hope them to be
while we tell tales tall
of the years
,and moments spent
-huddled over /
on knees so young with worms
;in our palms, in the garden
we have created
of this earth

20 September 2009

only next time i'll know what to do

only next time i'll know what to do
as well as what
not to

19 September 2009

traditions state many superstitions

traditions state many superstitions
most of which will bring luck
)bad / good(
perception is unjust
most of the time

18 September 2009

Documentation Of Death & Curiosity

Documentation Of Death & Curiosity

17 September 2009

Documentation Of Death & Curiosity

Documentation Of Death & Curiosity

16 September 2009

they can take from us ,all of that we have earned. speak to us - tales of expectations

they can take from us ,all of that we have earned. speak to us - tales of expectations & nonsense | all the same |. form boundaries too tall , options slim. and yet ;there are things they can never touch ./or know. we display these proudly &continue on.

15 September 2009

Those I shall never know

Those I shall never know
by anything other than faded paper