14 October 2012

it is a trying time of saddness&transition
of old world | meeting | new age
it is a growing time of embracing transition
*   *   *
.home, a place empty of parties&holidays
for nowadays, each moment is holy and celebrated
the future is built upon these brittle days
of statistics & acceptance of -- another way
another way
another day
there are countless ways -
dreams & ambitions & explorations & compassion
knowledge & searching & accepting & being &.....
--solid building material to bring one thru
a holding space of healing energetics
a reflective pool of sweet surrender
*   *   *
mama earths warm salty waters remove salt from cheeks
bringing peace ; allowing flow
thinking - feeling - knowing
this is the way it is to be
the great mystery - - - known
a melody sung
innocent spirit soul, fly alongside angels&faeries
for you are one in spirit - one in soul
you are pure life - pure love
delicate eternal ray
eternal flame

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